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The Use of Storm Models in the Field of Ocean Engineering

The Use of Storm Models in the Field of Ocean Engineering

Valentina Laface
Assistant Professor
University of Reggio Calabria Italy

Wednesday 9/3/2022, Time: 11:00
Webinar: MS Teams Live Streaming: DIAVLOS, YouTube

Abstract: The category of Storm Models approach will be discussed in detail with reference to each of the models belonging to this category. Their application for long-term analysis of ocean storm will be explained and analogies and differences among them will be highlighted. Further, alternative use of this models for ocean engineering application such as energy and downtime estimation as well as extreme wind speed calculation will be presented. These models have the peculiarity to use a simplified storm time history to model the specific problem whatever is the kind of analysis. The simplified storm differs from one model to another and is determined by imposing a kind of equivalence between important storm parameters of actual and equivalent storm.

Short Bio: Valentina Laface is PhD in Ocean Engineering and currently is working as Assistant Professor at Mediterranea University of Reggio Calabria, Italy. She is teaching at courses of Harbour Engineering and Offshore Wind Enegry at Master Degree programs. Her field of expertise concerns ocean energies, in particular wind and wave technologies and resources assessment, wave mechanics and statistics, time series analysis, wave modeling.