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The Ethics Committe of the University of established by decision of the 152nd / 06.03.2015 Assembly of the Senate as follows:
• Emmanuel Vavalis, Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering (Chairman)
• Panagiotis Markoulatos, Professor of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
• Ioannis Stefanidis, Professor of Medicine
• Philippos Vlachos, Professor of the Department of Special Education
• Haralambos Billinis, Professor of Veterinary
• Marios Chaintarlis, Assistant Professor of the Department of Planning and Regional Development.

The Committee has the responsibility on
• Personal data assurance issues and ethical issues related to Research Projects requirements.
• All Ethics related issues contained in the Approved Code of Ethics passed by the Senate of the University of Thessaly in the 89th / 03.07.2009 meeting.

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University of Thessaly Ethics Code

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