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Academic Training Office


The foundation of the Academic Training Office of the University of Thessaly in September 2009 shows clearly the interest of the University to use the relevant experience gained in the frame of the several phases of the Operational Programmes for Education and Initial Vocational Training I & II ( EPEAEK I and II). Being in close cooperation with the Bureau Of Career and Employment ( DASTA), the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit ( IEU), the Career Office ( CO) and of the University Units, its main mission is the reinforcement and broadening of practical training, thus contributing to:

  • the best exploitation of knowledge acquired in the University.
  • the successful selection of profession of those students who have no clear professional targets.
  • students’ easier affiliation to the greek labour market.

The main activity of the Academic Training Office is the coordination of management and promotion actions of the Departments’ Academic Training Offices, the constant contact and communication between the University and  the different Enterprises or Public Organizations.

For further information on practical training, students should contact the Academic Training Office of their own Department.

Institutional Coordinator: Prof.  Mrs Domna Kakana (Department Of Pre-School Education)

Address: Giannitson & Lahana(former “Tsalapatas Building”) - Volos
Tel. number: +30 24210 06475
E-mail: gpa@uth.gr