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Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit


The main objective of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Unit (IEU) is to develop the entrepreneurial and innovation skills of the students of the University of Thessaly and to provide support for them in undertaking entrepreneurial activities by teaching courses related to innovation, being in contact with enterprises, providing specialized guides and tools and individual counselling.

Institutional Coordinator: Prof.  Mr Pantoleon Skagiannis (Department Of Planning and Regional Development)
Courses in Volos: Mr George Stamboulis (Lecturer of the Department of Economics)
Courses in Trikala: Mr Harilaos Kouthouris (Assistant Professor of the Department of the Department Of Physical Education and Sport Sciences)
Persons in charge for Students: Mrs Sofia Kessopoulou, Mrs Areti Paschali
Persons in charge for the Laboratory Courses: Mr Petros Rodakinias, Mrs Anna Zygoura

Address: Laboratory of Infrastructure, Technological Policy and Development
(Department Of Planning and Regional Development)- Pedion Areos, Volos
Tel. number: +30 24210 74492/74470/74476
E-mail: epixeirimatikotita@uth.gr