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Welcome to the website of the Center of Foreign Languages ​​(CFL) of the University of Thessaly. Here you will find information on the goals, the administration and the staff of the Center, as well as information about the schedule of its courses and its actions.

The Center of Foreign languages of the University of Thessaly, taking into account that the learning and effective use of foreign languages ​​can contribute significantly to addressing needs at a research, academic and professional level, has the main aim of reinforcing good practices in foreign language teaching, responding to the real needs of students and the academic community as a whole.

In specific, some of the aims of the Center of Foreign Languages ​​are the following:

1. The teaching of foreign languages ​​(English, French, German, Italian) for specific, academic and professional purposes to undergraduate students of the departments of the University of Thessaly.

2. The teaching of  foreign languages ​​for general purposes (in addition to the main purposes  of foreign language teaching at the departments of the University of Thessaly) and the promotion of multilingualism and multiculturalism in order to achieve the interconnection of the local and academic community with the "citizens of the world".

3. The teaching of the Greek language to foreign students, who follow part of their studies at the University of Thessaly, within the framework of Erasmus program or other educational programs.

4. The implementation of research projects and the organization of conferences, workshops, seminars, symposia and lectures.

5. The implementation of bilateral / inter-university agreements with equivalent foreign language research centers in order to mobilize staff for training and / or teaching.

6. Cooperation with social and scientific actors at a national and international level.


The ​​Center of Foreign Languages was founded in 2017 (ΦΕΚ 101/24-1-2017) as further development, upgrading and expansion of the activities of the "Office of Foreign Languages". It is an academic structure, which is supervised by the Deputy Rector, who is responsible for academic affairs and is run by a 5-member Management Board consisting of three Professors of the University, holding the rank of either Professor or Associate Professor and two (ΕΕΠ) (Special Teaching Staff - Associate lecturers) members of the Center, designated by the Senate on a proposal from the Dean .

The Chair and the Deputy Chair of the Board are appointed by the professors -members of the Board. An equal number of alternates of the members of the Management Board are appointed with the same procedure. The term of office of the Management Board is two years (ΦΕΚ Β’ 101/ 24.01.2017).

The Center of Foreign Languages ​​operates on the basis of its own Rules of Procedure  approved by the Senate and is part of the Rules of Procedure of the University of Thessaly.

Deputy Rector of Academic Affairs & Personnel
Athanasios Sfouggaris
tel. 2421074512
email: asfoug@agr.uth.gr

Papailia Penelope
Associate Professor, Director of the Social Anthropology Section, Department of History, Archeology and Social Anthropology
tel. 2421074873
email: papailia@uth.gr

Deputy Chair
Papadopoulou Maria, Professor of the Department of Early Preschool Education
tel. 2421074750
email: mariapap@uth.gr

Sifaki Evgenia, Lecturer of the Department of Early Preschool Education
tel. 2421006363
email: evsifaki@uth.gr

Olga Kehagia, Special Teaching Staff - Associate lecturer in English Language
phone ok@uth.gr
email: 24210-74684
Toutsoulopoulou Marina, Special Teaching Staff - Associate lecturer in English Language English Language
tel. 24210-7468
email: anastasia@uth.gr

Secretary of the Center of  Foreign Languages
Dora Zachou
Tel. 421074682, Int. 4682
email: language-center@uth.gr

ΦΕΚ Foundation of the Centre of Foreign Languages

Lessons Timetable 2017-2018



Dr. Olga Kehagia (EEΠ), ok@adm.uth.gr,  24210-73259

Dr. Anastasia-Marina Tsoutsoulopoulou (ΕΕΠ), anastasia@uth.gr, 24210-74684

Dr. Vasilios Argyroulis (ΕΕΠ), vargi@uth.gr, 24210-74684

Dr. Mouti Anna (ΕΕΠ)

Deliou Eleftheria (ΕΕΠ), enteliou@uth.gr, 24210-74684

Lazou Evangelia (posted form Secondary Education), elazou@uth.gr, 24210-74684

Spyrou Anastasia (posted form Secondary Education)

Manoli Polyxeni (Contract staff)


Dr. Olga Kehagia (EEΠ)

Dr. Anastasia-Marina Tsoutsoulopoulou

Dr. Vasilios Argyroulis

Dr. Mouti Anna (ΕΕΠ)

Deliou Eleftheria (ΕΕΠ)

Lazou Evangelia

Spyrou Anastasia

Manoli Polyxeni




Dr. Kakari Diana (EEΠ), dikakari@uth.gr, 24210-74682

Damaskou Eftihia (posted form Secondary Education), e_damaskou@yahoo.gr, edamaskou@uth.gr, 24210-74682




Dr. Palasaki Vassiliki (ΕΕΠ), vpalasak@uth.gr, 24210-74733

Papadimitriou Evangelia (contracted staff), epapadimitriou@iep.edu.gr




Dr Elizabeth Evoridou (EEΠ), elev@uth.gr, 24210-74480