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The main objective of the Liaison Office of the University of Thessaly is the undertaking of every required action and initiative aiming at:

  • the promotion and dissemination of results of the scientific research carried out in the University of Thessaly, in the form  either of new knowledge or  of specific products,
  • the provision of specialized scientific and technical services to all interested users  and
  • the economic exploitation of the results of the university research.

Its means and strategies include:

  • the provision of specialized technical and consultative services of all relevant kinds (case-studies, test trials, laboratory investigations, measurements and analysis, standard specification, etc.) for the effective solution of specific user problems that may exist in the primary, secondary and tertiary sector of the economy of both public and private interest,
  • information and guidance to both scientists and producers on a mutually interactive basis about the effective ways of organizing production and distribution functions as well as incurring investment in infrastructure for the maximization of net return and mutual benefit,
  • support in the legal process of consolidating and protecting intellectual rights pertaining to the production of scientific inventions and research products (providing support in the application submission for patent diplomas, strengthening of copyrights, negotiating and drawing of contracts, transferring of patent or other title exploitation rights, supervising of contractual obligations, estimating of the trading value of research products etc.) and
  • information for researchers and producers on the possibilities and the sources of financing R&D projects by national and European funds, the terms of agreements and the search for potential partners.

The activities of the Liaison Office aim at :

  • the development of a close relationship between the University of Thessaly research staff and the private and public sector users;
  • the multiple exploitation of the scientific results ,
  • the provision of tailor-made services regarding the content, quality and use of specialized research products as well as the copyright requirements and promotion issues,
  • the collection, processing, registration and dissemination of information on the effective use of University facilities and research possibilities in meeting the specialized needs of potential users, and
  • the provision of information regarding alternative sources of low-cost financing of R&D projects and associated investment, including the possibilities for joint ventures.

Potential users of the Liaison Office services are:

  • university researchers and specialized technical staff,  private sector researchers and
  • any public or private sector user of services and products, i.e. small businesses, industry, municipalities and other public administration services, applied research centers, financial and non-financial services providers, individuals.

Liaison Office
University of Thessaly
Tsalapatas Building
38334, Volos, GREECE

E-mail: liaison@uth.gr,

Scientific Coordinator: Dr. Nikitas Mylopoulos, Associate Professor of Civil Engineering
Office executive manager: Mr Antonis Papantoniou
Tel.: +30.24210.03631, Fax: +30.24210.03671