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Musical Ensembles


The Musical Ensembles of the University of Thessaly are involved in many musical events and other activities having to do with all kinds of music, focusing mainly on the Greek repertoire. The members of the orchestra & chorus are interested in finding new ways of expression in their vocal improvisation and live performance.  They also seek to create musical bridges between the East and the West, combining harmonically the miscellaneous national, musical, cultural and creative elements of the two traditions. They combine eastern and western musical instruments like canoun, bouzouki, trumpet, ethnic percussion, oud and more.

The person in charge of the Musical Groups of University of Thessaly is Maria Thoidou, a member of the Special Scientific and Teaching Personnel, with a remarkable international career.

Contact person: Maria Thoidou
Mobile number: +30 6974891445
e-mail: thoidou@uth.gr