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Student Welfare Directorate

The University of Thessaly provides a number of benefits for the students aiming to accommodate their student life in the different cities of the University of Thessaly.

These benefits include accommodation and catering support (for low family income students), lower fare for transportation, health care, accommodation allowance, scholarships, etc.

Furthermore the students are provided with free high-speed internet access and many other electronic services that assist the instruction procedures.

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Student Catering

The University of Thessaly provides full catering facilities. There exist six restaurants in Volos, Larisa, Karditsa and Trikala, for the students of all Faculties of the University.

  • Restaurant located at the Student Residence Hall in Volos (Defteras Noemvriou Str- Vernardaki Str.) with a capacity for 900 persons.
  • Restaurant located at the Campus of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences in Fytoko-Nea Ionia-Volos with a capacity for 80 persons.
  • Restaurant located at the Campus of the Department of Biochemistry-Biotechnology in Larissa with a capacity for 120 persons.
  • Restaurant located at the Campus of the Department of Medicine in “Viopolis”- Larissa with a capacity for 70 persons.
  • Restaurant located at the Campus of the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science in Trikala with a capacity for 150 persons.
  • Restaurant located at the Campus of the Department of Veterinary Sciences in Karditsa with a capacity for 50 persons.

Both Erasmus and international students are entitled to free meals at the above restaurants. For the greek students, eligibility criteria for free meals are specified in the University’s Regulations. All students should visit the Directorate of Student Affairs in order to obtain the Free Meal Card after their registration at the Secretariat of their respective Department or at the Erasmus Office.

The student restaurants can serve also students who wish to eat at low prices ( if they are not entitled to free meals).

The subsidized catering begins in all restaurants on 1st September and it ends on the 30th of June of each academic year. Students are not served during the Christmas and Easter Holidays period.

Lunch is served from 12.00-15.30 p.m.
Dinner is served from 18.00-21.00 p.m

Student Accomodation

Accommodation with a  very small charge is provided to eligible ( according to financial criteria) students in the city of Volos, where there is a Student Residence Hall ((Defteras Noemvriou Str- Vernardaki Str., tel. number:+30 24210 34171,  fax number : +30 24210 34170),managed by the National Youth Foundation. The total capacity of the Hall is 40 rooms.

Otherwise students find shared or by themselves accommodation in the city, mainly in rented flats. There are advertisements for flats in the daily local newspapers.

The Erasmus and other exchange/international students should consult the brochure Housing available at the relevant site of the Office of European Educational Programmes.

There is also an accommodation grant of 100 € per month for the undergraduate foreign students of countries outside EU. For the Greek students and also the students of countries members of EU there is an accommodation grant of 1000 € per year depending on academic and financial criteria.

Student Transport

Undergraduate and postgraduate students are eligible for a Student Pass Card (paso), provided that their study has not exceeded 1,5 times the period which is required for the acquisition of their degree.

The Pass Card is valid for one academic year and it provides for a reduction of about 25% in fares and tickets for all means of mass transportation, museums and cultural activities. It is strictly personal.

The Pass Card is issued after an electronic application at 

Erasmus students can also apply for a Pass Card for the period of their studies at the University.