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The Theatre Group has an active artistic presence with many successful performances and creative work since 2006.

The studio courses (orthophony – dance movement – histrionics – extemporization) start in October and end in May of every academic year with a performance of a new play.  During summer, and in particular in July and August, the Theatre Group participates in festivals all over Greece. In its repertoire there are performances like “Lysistrata” and  “Ekklesiazouses” by Aristophanes, “Blood Wedding” by Lorca, “The Courtyard of Miracles” by Iakovos Kampanelis   and several others.

The persons participating in the Theatre Group are all students of the different Departments of the University of Thessaly. Working all together makes them learn how to cooperate and express themselves through art.

Contact Person:   Mrs Christina Stogia (Acting and Directing)
Mobile number: +30 6936465188