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Post-Graduate Studies


School of Humanities and Social Sciences

Department of Primary Education
• Educational administration and management

Department of Early Childhood Education
Educational Material and Pedagogical Toys of the Department of Preschool Education

Department of Special Education
• Counselling in Special–General Education and Health
• Special Education

Department of History, Archaeology and Social Anthropology
• Interdisciplinary Approaches in Historical, Archaeological and Anthropological Studies

Department of Economics
Applied Economics


School of Agricultural Sciences

Department of Agriculture Crop Production and Rural Environment
Automation In Irrigation, In Agricultural Constructions And In The Mechanization Of Agriculture
Sustainable Agricultural Production and Environmental Management

Department of Ichthyology and Aquatic Environment
Sustainable Management of Aquatic Environment


School of Engineering

Department of Mechanical Engineering
Analysis and Management of Energy Systems
Supply Chain Management and Logistics (SCML)

Department of Planning and Regional Development
Urban and Regional Planning
Spatial Analysis and Enviromental Management
European Regional Development Studies
Population, Development, Foresight
Spatial Dynamics and Rural Planning

Department of Civil Engineering
• Simulation and Design of Civil Engineering Constructions
Management of Hydrometeorological Hazards - Hydrohasards

Department of Architecture Engineering
Architectural Design

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Applied Informatics
Smart Grid Energy Systems
Science and Technology of Electrical and Computer Engineering


School of Health Sciences

School of Medicine
Primary Health Care
• Clinical applications of molecular medicine
• Biology of Reproduction
• Applied Public Health and Environmental Hygiene with a focus in Food and Water Quality and Safety
• Human Genetics
Biomedical Research Methodology, Biostatistics and Clinical Bioinformatics

Faculty of Veterinary Science
Aquaculture - Aquatic Animal Health

Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology
Biotechnology - Quality Assessment in Nutrition and the Environment
Application of Molecular Biology - Genetics Applications. Diagnostic Biomarkers

School οf Physical Education and Sport Science

Department of Physical Education and Sport Science
Exercise & Health
• Exercise & Quality of Life
European Master in Sport & Exercise Psychology
Military Fitness & Wellbeing