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University premises in Volos

Papastratos Seafront Complex

The Papastratos Central Building is a modern construction which joins three separate buildings by an atrium covered by a modern glass dome. Exhibitions and other events take place here.
The three joined buildings are:
• The renovated Papastratos Old Building, typical for the Volos Strand, used to be the Papastratos Tobacco Warehouse. Nowdays it is used as an administrative center for the Rectorate and Administrative Services of the University.
• The modern Delmouzos Building with glass exterior surfaces, which comprises Lecture Halls, the large Kordatos Auditorium and the smaller one Saratsis auditorium, the University Ballroom, the Network Operation Center, the Foreign Languages Office and the Physical Education Office.
• The New Building-Offices for the academic staff members and Secretariats of the Departments of the School of Humanities.

There is also the “Pedion Areos” Campus (Athinon & Sekeri Str.) used by the Departments of the School of Engineering. The Campus includes the renovated buildings of the former Water Pump Manufacturing Paparrigas Factory (where the Departments of Architecture, Civil and Mechanical Engineering operate) and the new building of the Department of Planning and Regional Development, which is a modern construction with an impressive roof.

The Fytoko Building (Fytokou Str., Nea Ionia), is the renovated building of the Matsangos Tobacco Factory Warehouse. The building was specially adapted to meet the needs of the two Departments of the Faculty of Agricultural Sciences. It comprises lecture halls, three auditoriums, the Departments’ Secretariats, the laboratories and the offices of the academic staff members. A construction was also made on the same site to serve as an energy center. There are greenhouse facilities and also another building especially constructed for laboratories.

The Deligeorgis Building in the city center is (Glavani-28.Octovriou Str) is used by the Department of Computer and Communications Engineering, as well as for laboratories and offices of the academic staff of the Departments of Primary and Pre-School Education.

The Departments of the School of Humanities also use lecture halls in a separate building, near the Papastratos Building. (9, Gamveta Str.)

The former French Institute Building (G.Kartali-Rozou Str.) is used by the Department of Economics, although the Department Secretariat and the offices of its academic staff are located in a separate building at 43, Korai Street.

The University Student Hall of Residence and the Student Restaurant are at the crossroad of Defteras Noemvriou - Vernardaki Str.

The University’s Library is located in the neoclassical building of the former Bank of Athens. The building had suffered serious damage after the earthquakes of 1953. It was restored and additional sections were added in the same style and aesthetics of the initial building.

The Technical Infrastructure Directorate is located in a neoclassical building, the former “Kavouras” Building (Oikonomaki-Gamveta Str.)

The Old Matsangos Tobacco Factory and the Tsikrikis neoclassical building, both under restoration, in the center of Volos also belong to the University and they will be renovated for several uses.

The Kitsos Makris Folk Art Centre is located in the house of the great ethnologist Kitsos Makris in Volos. After his death and according to his wish, his family donated the house and all his collections of books, transparencies and photographs to the Library of the University of Thessaly which made his house a Folk Art Museum.

St Nicolas Monastery in Paou, about 43 km in the southeast of the city of Volos and about 4 km away from the biggest village of the area, Argalasti, was established at the beginning of the 18th century. Nowadays the Monastery is a Conference Centre for cultural events organized by the University of Thessaly.

The 11 hectares Farm of the University of Thessaly lies in Velestino area and it is used by the students of the School of Agricultural Sciences for research and practical training purposes. The farm has greenhouses, laboratories, a storage station and an agricultural machinery repair workshop, student and teacher hostels, a restaurant, a lecture room and storage facilities.

A meteorological station operates in the village of Milies in Mount Pilion.


University premises in Larissa

Katsigra building

The “Katsigra” building, a former medical clinic at Tachydromiou Square, is used by the School of Medicine and it consists of an auditorium, of lecture halls and offices for the Dean of the School of Health Sciences and the academic staff members. The Department of Biochemistry and Biotechnology operates in Larissa in a specially adapted building to meet its needs (Ploutonos-Eolou Str.).

The Campus of the School of Medicine comprises auditoriums, lecture halls and workshops, laboratories, a library, the Secretariat and offices of the academic staff members. It is a 9 hectare piece of land, a short distance from Larissa, at “Mezourlo”, next to the University Hospital of Larissa with a capacity of 700 beds, operating since 1998.


University premises in Karditsa

Faculty of Veterinary Science
The former Training College for Pre-School Educators, (224 Trikalon Street) is used by the Faculty of Veterinary. It has two auditoriums lecture halls, laboratories and offices for the academic staff members, as well as the Faculty Secretariat and a branch of the University Library. There exists also a 52 hectares farmland in the “Arapolakes Area” for the students training and a stabling facility for big animals.


University premises in Trikala

Department of Physical Education and Sport Science


A building at Karyes district, about 4 km away from the town of Trikala, is used by the Department of Physical Education and Sport Science with lecture hall, laboratories, offices of the academic staff members, the Department’s Secretariat and a branch of the University Library.